About us

The Reece Group brings ten different businesses under a cohesive management structure and unites them with a culture of teamwork.

about history
Our history

What started with a few items for sale from the back of a truck is now an international company, a major employer and a household name.

Our board

Our board reflects the origins, composition and ambition of our organisation, from its history in hardware and plumbing, to the breadth of its operations, as well as financial and management skills.

about values2
Our values

Our values guide us, our business and our culture. They help us achieve our purpose of improving the lives of our customers and our people by striving for greatness every day.

about community2
Our community

The Reece family works in hundreds of communities. As a supplier to local business, an employer of local people and champion of local causes, we live where we work.

about environment
Our environment

We work to build the environmental sustainability of our operations. We are working to increase our use of renewable energy with solar power, reduce our emissions with efficiency programs and recycle packaging by backloading on our delivery trucks.

about callout

Our values define our culture and the way we work to improve the lives of our customers and our people every day.