Our community

Reece is part of the many communities in which we work and we take a wider view of community, too. Through The Reece Grant, we help fund community sanitation and education initiatives in Australia and overseas, transforming the lives of countless children and their families by eliminating a major source of death and disease. Projects include providing clean water for homes and schools in Cambodia, a public water plant in Zimbabwe, rainwater catchment and filtration systems in Indonesia as well as clean water and toilet facilities for schools in a number of countries.

In addition to assisting overseas projects the program has now been extended to Australian communities.


The Reece Grant
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Life learning

Sometimes small things can prevent young people taking big steps in their lives, so a new focus for The Reece Grant is helping young people get an education in the trades. The Reece Grant is helping people complete apprenticeships by providing essential assistance in different locations. Whether it's for tools, relocation from a remote area, or tuition fees, the grant is a boost towards gaining the skills today that will help build a strong life tomorrow.