Reece Foundation

The Reece Foundation exists to enable our people and customers to have an impact and make a lasting change to those who need it most. This helps us bring our purpose to life every day, improving communities through better standards of living and care.

The roots of the Reece Foundation can be found through our grant program that has been supporting Local projects here in Australia, as well as communities Abroad through our grants program since 2015.

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The Reece Grant initiative helps fund community sanitation and education initiatives overseas. By supporting and empowering tradespeople to use their skills and knowledge. Through the grant we have been helping transform the lives of countless children and their families - by eliminating a major source of death and disease through greater access to clear water and sanitation.

The Reece Grant

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What's next

Established in 2020, our hope for the Reece Foundation is to extend this work from funding support for submitted projects to driving our own, partner with other charities to grow our impact, and offer broader opportunities for our customers and people to be involved and donate.