Reece wins Victorian safety award

The Reece Group’s custom-built Prime Cyl-Lift controller won the ‘Best Solution to a Manual Handling Issue’ recently at the 2018 WorkSafe Awards.

The prestigious state awards recognise the outstanding contributions individuals and organisations have made to improve workplace health and safety and help injured workers return to work.

Developed and tested at the company’s Prime Refrigerant Plant (PRP), the Prime Cyl-Lift controller replaces the need for employees to manually lift or roll heavy metal cylinders, which can cause back injuries from incorrect handling.

Gary Kenworthy, Manager of the PRP, accepted the award on behalf on the team that developed the innovative solution.

“We’re thrilled that the Prime Cyl-Lift is helping our people safely and effortlessly manoeuvre heavy cylinders, and winning the award is a bonus,” Gary said. 

“It was very rewarding for the team that spent 18 months designing, building and testing prototypes, including building custom parts and sourcing components from Australian and international suppliers.

“Ultimately, the Prime Cyl-Lift has been a winner for our people and a great example of how when we work together, what can be achieved,” he said.

Ebony Alexander, Reece Group Safety & Wellbeing Manager, said that the passion shown in creating a solution to a safety risk demonstrates our people’s commitment to safety.

“The safety of our people and customers is our universal priority,” Ebony said.

“The collaboration in designing a solution to improve safe operations demonstrates our commitment to uphold the highest standards of safety and wellbeing for our people, our customers and our visitors,” she said.

The Prime Cyl-Lift controller is currently being used to load and unload more than a thousand cylinders each day at the Prime Refrigerant Plant.

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